Here’s some food for thought.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), some jobs continue to be lost causes. No surprise to see that manufacturing jobs will suffer losses. Ditto textile workers, secretaries, office clerks, office administrators, meter readers and film lab processors (film—what’s that?). Surprisingly, the list also includes computer programmers (network administrators are another matter as you’ll see when you read on). Other jobs to avoid would be in both broadcast and print journalism because media consolidation will continue to force employment declines. The number of travel agencies is forecast to decline, except for a few niche markets. And, finally, government workers, at all levels, appear to be on really shaky ground.

The good news in job growth is …

According to BLS Employment Projections, 28 job categories are forecast to grow 10% or more by 2018. Here are three with higher-than-average forecast growth rates: (1) registered nurses are forecast to grow 22% by 2018; (2) home health aides should grow 50% and (3) the number of network systems and data communications analysts will grow 53%.

You should also think about the cost of the education required to qualify for the chosen career—and whether it is worth it.

The dramatic increase of college costs have led many to re-think how they’ll approach post-high school education. No doubt many are influenced by the staggering amount of student loan debt accumulated in their college career. Recently, The New York Times reported on families who were starting their kids out in community colleges for the first one or two years and then transferring out to a traditional university. This phenomenon is growing because of substantial potential cost savings. See the entire article “Six Keys to Saving by Starting at a Community College –

You need a plan.

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