The internet is awash in expert online banking advice. Brian Krebs, a well-respected security expert, has published his list of the ten best practices for safe online banking. Below we provide our thoughts on some of the more interesting points, but it would be worth your time to consider all of them.

  1. Use a dedicated system to access the bank’s site. Not your everyday computer, but a computer that only connects to the bank system.
  2. Use a bookmark to access your bank(s) system. Do not allow anyone, including you, to click on a link that that looks like the bank’s web link.
  3. Krebs recommends using an operating system other than Windows, but since MacOS exploits are more recognized, his suggestion to use a “live CD” on any system is a good one. Get your local IT guru to help you set it up using this “live CD” primer.
  4. If you installed it, patch it.
  5. Require two people to sign off on every transaction to help keep criminals from stealing your money.

The full text of Brian Krebs Online Banking Best Practices for Businesses article is available on his website. We urge you to read it and try to implement as much of its suggestions as you feasibly can.