Tips for Saving Money (even if you don’t have a lot)

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These days, with interest rates at historic lows, the good news is that loans are more affordable than when rates were higher. The bad news is that saving money to create wealth takes more thought and effort. Because of the Rule of 72, simply putting some money in a savings account used to be an effective strategy. Back when deposit interest rates were 4%, interest alone would double your initial deposit in just 18 years. Now, with rates near...

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How to Teach Your Kids to Be Money Smart

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Everyone knows that children and teenagers learn best from their parents (or caregiver). Few things are more relevant to success than money “smarts”. Therefore, your teaching of financial literacy is crucial. But where would you start? Back in November 2015, when we wrote Tips for Teaching Young People About Money, there were few good aids for teaching financial literacy to young people. But, in the short time between then and now, the Consumer...

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