Five Questions about Long-Term Care

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1. What is long-term care? Long-term care refers to the ongoing services and support needed by people who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. There are three levels of long-term care: Skilled care: Generally round-the-clock care that’s given by professional health care providers such as nurses, therapists, or aides under a doctor’s supervision. Intermediate care: Also provided by professional health care providers but on...

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Handling Market Volatility

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Conventional wisdom says that what goes up must come down. But even if you view market volatility as a normal occurrence, it can be tough to handle when your money is at stake. Though there’s no foolproof way to handle the ups and downs of the stock market, the following common-sense tips can help. Don’t put your eggs all in one basket Diversifying your investment portfolio is one of the key tools for trying to manage market...

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Planning for Incapacity

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What would happen if you were mentally or physically unable to take care of yourself or your day-to-day affairs? You might not be able to make sound decisions about your health or finances. You could lose the ability to pay bills, write checks, make deposits, sell assets, or otherwise conduct your affairs. Unless you’re prepared, incapacity could devastate your family, exhaust your savings, and undermine your financial, tax, and estate...

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Pay Yourself

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The actor Michael Caine is quoted as saying “Save your money. You will need twice as much in your old age as you think.” His advice rings true. The cost of things are rising rapidly, often to suit Wall Street (pun intended), and one shouldn’t expect that to stop. It’s out of our hands. However, there are two means to overcome the problem of escalating prices that you can do something about: save your money, and make it work harder by investing...

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Financial Planning for Women

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Women are no longer just a powerful force in today’s economy. It is estimated over 60% of the nation’s wealth is controlled by women. Some may have inherited wealth and may or may not be employed. Some are corporate executives, entrepreneurs or middle management. They may be single, married or divorced. They may or may not have children. A woman’s financial situation is often unique, and an individual approach to financial planning is...

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