Preparing a Personal Balance Sheet

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Taking control of your financial future is a process. And, as with any process, it is important to monitor your progress. One of the best ways for an individual to measure financial progress is to periodically prepare a personal balance sheet. The personal balance sheet shown below can be printed and used as a basis for your periodic progress measurements. It is broken into three parts to help you better understand your investments, your total...

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Five Questions about Long-Term Care

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1. What is long-term care? Long-term care refers to the ongoing services and support needed by people who have chronic health conditions or disabilities. There are three levels of long-term care: Skilled care: Generally round-the-clock care that’s given by professional health care providers such as nurses, therapists, or aides under a doctor’s supervision. Intermediate care: Also provided by professional health care providers but on...

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Handling Market Volatility

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Conventional wisdom says that what goes up must come down. But even if you view market volatility as a normal occurrence, it can be tough to handle when your money is at stake. Though there’s no foolproof way to handle the ups and downs of the stock market, the following common-sense tips can help. Don’t put your eggs all in one basket Diversifying your investment portfolio is one of the key tools for trying to manage market...

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The Simple 3 Factors of Financial Protection

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We have published thousands of words online and on paper to help protect your information. It’s too much to remember all at once, so here are the 3 fundamentals in 100-words or less. The Big 3 Fundamentals of Financial Protection Keep your financial records in order Watch out for fraud and scams (there are a LOT of them out there) Be insured (at the bank, and at home) That’s it. The details can be found at the links below. | Protect...

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Help to Prevent Financial Exploitation of Seniors

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There are more than 50 million Americans aged 62 and older who are prime targets for financial exploitation, both by persons they know and by strangers. You may be one of these targets. Get information about how to avoid such exploitation and how to help others in this article. Fraudsters are constantly looking for victims. Older ones may be less active in offensive and defensive activities, and as a result are often more vulnerable to...

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Money Management Learning for Young Adults

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Helping young people succeed is one of the most important things a society can do. High on the list of ways to achieve that is teaching sound money management skills. Where can you find information about borrowing, saving and avoiding scams? The FDIC recently published a special resource online to help young adults learn money management techniques. Especially valuable for those under 21 who may still be in school, the money guide also has good...

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