As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Peoples Bank, we look back at the bank’s history, its founders and its growth in our community. See the full list of stories here. Be sure to pick up a copy of our cookbook “Centennial Commemorative: Recipes & Remembrances” at your local branch office.

In mid-2003, the Board began planning a bank to serve the rapidly growing Latino community, a market that was substantially underserved by financial institutions. Encouraged by the NC Banking Commission and the FDIC, the Board opened the state’s first bank designed for Latinos in August 2004. Charlotte was chosen as the location for the new bank because it had North Carolina’s highest concentration of Latino customers. (The new bank was named “Banco de la Gente,” the Spanish equivalent of “The Peoples Bank.”) By 2007, Banco de la Gente had grown to four banking offices in Charlotte, Monroe and Raleigh, plus an administrative office located in Charlotte.

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