How advance planning can save your holiday travels from disaster.

More people travel over the holidays than for any other reason. Usually, it’s a happy time filled with family and dear friends. But, sometimes, the worst happens: you have a crash in your rental car, a child gets separated from you in crowd or you leave your backpack (with your wallet) in the restaurant. As bad as all that can be, the ill effects can be softened and best of all, prevented, with advance preparation and planning. In fact, getting ready, in advance, will go a long way if the worst happens.

A big way to make your travel less stressful, even a trip to Grandma’s, is to adjust your attitude and keep things in perspective. Being late to the family dinner won’t ruin your life, so chill out. Remember, there will be a lot of other people traveling, so expect some delays. Plan to leave early enough that a delays won’t matter and give yourself some time along the way to take a stress-relieving break. These simple steps can keep you cool and, maybe save you from an impulsive mistake, or from a distraction that causes you to lose your focus—remember, distracted people are far more prone to accidents.

Below, we present a link to an article from Fox Business News called “8 Worst-Case Travel Scenarios”. The article lists eight “disasters” that could ruin your holiday – and the best way to prevent them. We think you’ll get at least three good ideas to make your holiday travel more pleasant and, hopefully, disaster free.