We will be closed Thursday, November 27th in observance of Thanksgiving

Peoples Bank will be closed on Thursday, November 27th for Thanksgiving. Customers may bank online 24/7 at TheRealPeoplesBank.com. Our offices and customer service center will reopen on Friday, November 28th. We’d like to wish all our customers and employees a … Continue reading

“Spending Wisely” isn’t just a slogan. You gotta do it. Here’s how.

“Economy does not lie in sparing money, but in spending it wisely.” Wise people will tell you that Thomas Henry Huxley had that much right, anyway. Spending wisely is a critical part of financial success. But how does one actually … Continue reading

How to choose an anti-virus, anti-malware solution

No rational person would think it smart to operate a computer that is unprotected against virus’ and other mean-spirited software (also known as “malware”). The problem comes in deciding which option to use. It can be a complicated process to … Continue reading