Online Banking Best Practices for Businesses

Posted on Oct 26, 2016 in Business Financial Insights, Featured, Online Security, Peoples Bank News |

The internet is awash in expert online banking advice. Brian Krebs, a well-respected security expert, has published his list of the ten best practices for safe online banking. Below we provide our thoughts on some of the more interesting points, but it would be worth your time to consider all of them. Use a dedicated system to access the bank’s site. Not your everyday computer, but a computer that only connects to the bank system. Use a...

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Guide to Internet Security

Posted on Apr 23, 2015 in Online Security, Peoples Bank News |

Just about everybody is on the ‘net by now, which means that just about everybody needs to monitor their internet security on a regular basis. Here are some really good online references to help you. Everything that connects the internet to you and your loved ones must be secure enough to protect you while doing its job efficiently. Adequate protection generally comes from having the right attitude about online security and performing simple...

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Top 10 Tips for Shopping Safely Online

Posted on Dec 15, 2014 in Mobile Banking, Online Security |

During the surge of online shopping during the holidays, our Chief Technology Officer thought these reminders would be helpful. Here are 10 tips collected from security experts for shopping safely online: Make sure your computer and mobile device are fully up-to-date. Do you have the latest Windows or Mac patches installed? Is your tablet or phone running the most recent operating system update? Make sure they are! Are you free of malware?...

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If you’re running Windows XP, your shredder may not be helping you

Posted on Oct 13, 2014 in Online Security, Peoples Bank News |

Here is a story we heard and would like to pass along. “My wife has a little cleaning job for an elderly couple we like helping. They’re nice. They give us chocolate. They are obsessed with shredding any paper that might have their name or any other identifier on it, for they are terrified of someone stealing their money or their identity. They have two big shredders with special blades for destroying both catalogs and bank statements....

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The Simple 3 Factors of Financial Protection

Posted on Sep 2, 2014 in Building Blocks, Financial Planning, Online Security |

We have published thousands of words online and on paper to help protect your information. It’s too much to remember all at once, so here are the 3 fundamentals in 100-words or less. The Big 3 Fundamentals of Financial Protection Keep your financial records in order Watch out for fraud and scams (there are a LOT of them out there) Be insured (at the bank, and at home) That’s it. The details can be found at the links below. | Protect...

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