Predicted 2014 Cyber Crimes

Posted on Feb 18, 2014 in Online Security, Peoples Bank News |

The AARP recently posted a list of what they feel are the looming threats to cyber security (read “your personal information”). We thought it interesting enough to pass along the link and a few highlights. The AARP blog post Cyber Scam Predictions for 2014 suggests that our recommendation made earlier in 2013 to “think differently” and “develop your own security policy” contained some good advice. As we read the list, the word “prudent” comes...

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How to Protect Against Online Scams

Posted on Jul 18, 2013 in Mobile Banking, Online Security |

Today scam artists and identity thieves have perfected the art of utilizing mobile phones, internet and email to get to consumers’ bank accounts. Yet more often than not, these same consumers do not understand the dangers and long term implications of a well-executed scam. Anyone can fall prey to a devilishly clever scam; it is not just the less savvy computer user at risk. In order to avoid a long term financial headache, or risk falling...

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