What to do about the online security threats

Posted on Jul 31, 2014 in Online Security, Peoples Progress e-Newsletter |

Over the past several months, much has been written about the advanced, persistent threats to computer security. It seems as though each brings news of security breaches where passwords, credit card numbers and other personal information are possibly exposed to bad guys. Peoples Bank is constantly monitoring its defenses to protect your sensitive data. The bank’s network and computers are always being tested and strengthened to avoid a data...

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3 Ways to Protect Your Money While on Vacation

Posted on May 16, 2014 in Managing Your Money, Peoples Bank News, Spending Tips |

>Money has to work all the time; it doesn’t get a vacation. But you do. A respected financial web site recently posted “15 ways to protect your money on vacation”. The story has its problems. For one thing, and this should be obvious, most of us don’t want to even think 15 different things on vacation. A list of fifteen vacation-related items that doesn’t include underwear on it seems… too much. For another, the article left one important...

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