How to Prepare for Buying a Home

Posted on Feb 4, 2016 in Featured, Home Loan Insights, Mortgage, Peoples Progress e-Newsletter |

Many people try to buy a home backwards, a frustrating and unsatisfactory problem for all parties. It makes us sad when we see it happen. What do we mean by buying a home “backwards”? People who start home shopping before researching their loan options, learning what they can really afford, and uncovering all the costs associated with home-buying process. For the inexperienced buyer, going into a home purchase ill-prepared is certain to lead to...

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Shopping for a Mortgage

Posted on Sep 26, 2013 in Mortgage, Peoples Bank News |

If you want to buy a house, chances are you are also searching for the perfect mortgage. In fact, it is often better to find out the amount of loan for which you are qualified. Getting “pre-qualified” is a great help in narrowing down the list of homes you can afford, and is a great tool for negotiating the purchase price. If done right, securing a home loan can save you a considerable amount of money Get Information from Multiple Sources....

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