Internet banking has evolved into one of the most popular services offered by banks. In the past few years, the number of Peoples Bank customers who say they do some or most of their banking online now exceeds 37%.

If you haven’t tried online banking, here are some reasons to give it some consideration:

  • Access. Internet banking is always open and available, so you can handle your finances on your schedule, not just when your local office is open;
  • Speed. Online transactions, especially electronic bill-paying, are generally faster than mailing a paper check;
  • Organization. It can help reduce clutter by eliminating paper bills and statements that may be piling up around your home; and
  • Environment. Using less paper is environmentally friendly.

How to get started

Check with your current bank. Most banks don’t charge their customers for basic Internet banking — such as reviewing your account balances and transferring funds between accounts — so signing up at your current bank may be the easiest, cheapest way to go.

Shop around. Banks have different priorities and not all Internet banking is created equal.

Learn as much as you can upfront about how to bank safely online. All banks are expected to conform to Internet banking security guidelines issued by the federal financial regulators (see Logging In…and Locking Out Fraud Artists).

Don’t leave Peoples Bank off your short list. We have free internet banking that includes free bill pay. Customer service representatives are available by phone from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m., Monday through Friday by calling 828.466.1765, or toll free 877.802.1212. For a list of our individual offices and their hours of operation, please click here.

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