ACC Basketball's most loyal fan: Christine Abernethy - graphic bannerThis year, the ACC held its 60th basketball tournament in Greensboro, NC. One of our company’s major shareholders, Christine Abernethy, has been to every one of those events. A reporter from the Charlotte Observer features Mrs. Abernethy’s story in a recent article.

The 2013 ACC tournament caught a lot of media attention this year, more so than in the past. This year is thought to be the end of a chapter in its history. The conference, which began in Greensboro in 1953, is rumored to be moving in 2014 to accommodate the increased number of schools, length of tournament schedule and fan base. This speculation has led to “real people stories” about ACC long-timers and fans like Mrs. Abernethy. You can read the Charlotte Observer stories on the newspaper’s website.

Mrs. Abernethy is more than an important member of the banking community; she’s an especially enthusiastic supporter of ACC college basketball, NC State’s Wolfpack, in particular. With her support, more than the ACC has expanded. She and her family have played a large part in the economic growth and stability of North Carolina.

Most college basketball fans have an opinion about the recent ACC expansion and addition of the new schools “not from around here.” Tell us what you think. Comment below. Few have been as active of a supporter of the ACC tournament as Mrs. Abernethy, and if you’d like to get her take on the upcoming changes, read her article in the Charlotte Observer.

For our part, we are thankful to be the bank for real people in North Carolina, and we’re grateful to have the association of people such as Christine Abernethy who have worked hard – with team spirit – to build something special that continues to grow. Who knows where that growth will take us?

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