The AARP recently posted a list of what they feel are the looming threats to cyber security (read “your personal information”). We thought it interesting enough to pass along the link and a few highlights.

The AARP blog post Cyber Scam Predictions for 2014 suggests that our recommendation made earlier in 2013 to “think differently” and “develop your own security policy” contained some good advice. As we read the list, the word “prudent” comes to mind, as in “by being prudent a person or company could avoid most of these scams most of the time”. Here’s a partial list, the full text can be found at the source link below:

  • Devices such as TVs, game consoles and even baby monitors are connected to the internet and increasingly valuable as targets by the bad guys.
  • Computer and data sabotage. Cyber-criminals have been looking to destroy rather than steal data from computer systems, or hold the computer hostage for a type of ransom.
  • Mobile device malware.
  • Spoofing legitimate software. This is a big deal, and even prudent people could get taken by this one. Look for more information about this type of threat in a subsequent blog post.

Most threats are triggered by very smart and industrious criminals who target the unwary and careless computer user. Don’t be one of those. This would be a good time to develop and enforce your own personal security policy (see our Online Security themed blog posts for a quick primer). Keep your software and hardware up-to-date, protect your devices with good passwords even when it’s inconvenient to do so, and have a good password scheme where your email password(s) is not the same as any other online password.

Source link: AARP’s Cyber Scam Predictions for 2014 of 12/27/2013