Threats to our finances and reputation are persistent via the internet and must be seriously considered when enjoying the convenience of online activity, especially banking. We will be presenting some practical suggestions and good tools that have helped us – and we think will help you – in the matter of online security. Presented in a series articles on our blog, we will give you a working knowledge of the threats, discuss protecting your computer with software updates, how to establish good password scheme, how to protect access to your computer and email account, and how to evaluate a good technology support firm to ensure computers and mobile devices are secure.

These articles on our blog site are tagged in a special category “online security”. Subscribe to the series and check our blog frequently for continued updates. In addition to offering current best-practice information, we will write about how Peoples Bank approaches the security of its own hardware and software.

We fight to protect customer data every day. Sharing what we know and have learned about online security is our way of living up to our commitment to the Real People of our communities. Together we can work to feel safer online.