With just hours to go before Christmas, this is crunch time for shopping procrastinators.

Are you a “hard core” procrastinator? Well, we have some advice for you that may help you pull off successful shopping even if you have waited until now. This advice comes from personal shoppers and professional organizers and includes their best strategies for tackling last-minute shopping.

How do you get good shopping done at the last minute? Here are the headlines:

  1. make a plan, don’t rush to the mall (or online) without a list, by priority, in hand
  2. consider dropping some people, yes, it’s harsh, but, hey, there’s a recession on
  3. you’ll love this: wait until 12/24 because there will be less people in the stores to deal with
  4. choose food or wine because these gifts can be easily found, and greatly appreciated
  5. give services, like babysitting or dog walking or grass cutting, these gifts can be very much appreciated
  6. embrace gift cards or cash cards (forget what your mother used to say – cash is always a good thing to give.)

You’ll find all this advice in a nifty article from the Wall Street Journal. And, happy shopping to you.