How to choose an anti-virus, anti-malware solution

No rational person would think it smart to operate a computer that is unprotected against virus’ and other mean-spirited software (also known as “malware”). The problem comes in deciding which option to use. It can be a complicated process to … Continue reading

If you’re running Windows XP, your shredder may not be helping you

Here is a story we heard and would like to pass along. “My wife has a little cleaning job for an elderly couple we like helping. They’re nice. They give us chocolate. They are obsessed with shredding any paper that … Continue reading

Are you worried about what to do if your credit card or debit card gets hacked?

Here’s how we can help you help yourself. Recent news articles about major retailers who have suffered from customer data breaches have led many people to learn how to minimize the damage a hacker can do to their finances. If … Continue reading