>Money has to work all the time; it doesn’t get a vacation. But you do. A respected financial web site recently posted “15 ways to protect your money on vacation”. The story has its problems. For one thing, and this should be obvious, most of us don’t want to even think 15 different things on vacation. A list of fifteen vacation-related items that doesn’t include underwear on it seems… too much. For another, the article left one important thing that’s so easy your 9 year old could do it for you. Hey, it’s a vacation moment. We gotta think like real people here.

So in the interest of your relaxed vacation, we distill that list to three important ways to protect your money that you can read in 15 seconds or less, and remember longer. We will just include a link to the big list posted on Bankrate.com if one of your family members is up to a Mensa challenge.

You must know that to gain access to your money, whether on vacation or not, thieves and fraudsters need easy access to what you have to protect. That makes our list of three important things pretty simple:

  1. Slim down your wallet and keep it safe. Keep your wallet in a secure place, perhaps your front pocket, and don’t put all your cash and credit cards in one place. Maybe you really don’t need to bring all those credit cards and old notes and phone numbers that are in your wallet right now. You certainly should not bring your Social Security Card.
  2. Put a good password on your mobile phone, tablet and laptop. Most of these devices have your email account on them. If a thief can get to your email which is conveniently accessible on your stolen phone or tablet, he or she can change your email password, making your identity and perhaps even your money easy prey. Think how peaceful and nice it would be to spend two or more vacation days on the phone with credit card companies and your bank because the thief who stole your device used it to change your passwords. Having a lock-screen password on your phone and tablet makes for a much more relaxing vacation. It might even force you to be more social, in the oldest and truest sense of the word, but that’s not our business.
  3. Use credit cards for major purchases and keep the receipts. Credit cards’ zero-liability policy makes them a good choice for vacation spending. Keep a note of your card number and the customer service number stored safely in your hotel room so you can make a quick call if your card is stolen.

There you have it. Three basic and simple steps you can take to protect your money while on vacation and still have a good time.

Now, if you want to know more ways – 13 of them in fact – to protect your money while on vacation, read the story Bankrate’s lawyers let them publish, complete with advertisements. No joke, it’s worth your time to read.

We take your money very seriously, and we want your money to remain your money. (We’ll even pay you to let us borrow it.) So have a great vacation! And don’t worry about your money at Peoples Bank. We’ll make sure it keeps working.