As we celebrate the 100th anniversary of Peoples Bank, we look back at the bank’s history, its founders and its growth in our community. See the full list of stories here. Be sure to pick up a copy of our cookbook “Centennial Commemorative: Recipes & Remembrances” at your local branch office.

Peoples Bank celebrated its 85th anniversary in 1997. The Annual Report of that year made a surprising observation about the anniversary observance, “While this milestone in itself is cause for celebration, those of us here at Peoples Bank choose not to linger over past accomplishments. Rather, it is our desire to focus our energies toward the improvement of existing services and the introduction of new and innovative financial products to our growing customer base.”

Those remarks well suit the bank’s personality. Over all these years, the bank has learned that it’s better to be thinking about “what’s next” instead of “what’s past.” This focus on the future is part of its heritage. It’s part of the reason the bank has survived and thrived these past 100 years.

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